helping high-performing families empower their children to face the evolving challenges of the digital age

Helping High-Performing families empower their children to face the evolving challenges of the digital age
Legacy Building Starts At Home
Leverage Rich Legacy Events and Workshops to Strengthen Your Organization
From Royal Family's to Fortune 500 companies, leaders from around the world look to Rich Legacy to reduce their stress while ensuring their family's legacy.
Legacy Building Starts At Home
Leverage Rich Legacy Events and Workshops to Strengthen Your Organization
Explore How Your Organization Can Leverage Rich Legacy Events and Workshops

From Royal Family's to Fortune 500 companies, leaders from around the world look to Rich Legacy to reduce their stress while ensuring their family's legacy.
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What Members Are Saying...

"One of our most senior members proclaimed this was the best event ever seen well in YPO! We’ve decided to nominate this for event of the year!"
~ Franon Wilson, YPO Bahamas Day Chair

"Rich Legacy engaged our Midwestern EO membership in a way I’ve never seen before… The response I saw tonight to a packed house was unparalleled."
~ Rick Magill, EO Nebraska Learning Chair

"The fact that Rich Legacy was awarded family event of the year for Southeast and Caribbean region of YPO came as no surprise to me. If you are looking for an impactful and unique event for your chapter or organization look no further."
~ Jackie Lechler, YPO Jamaica
The Rich Legacy Philosophy
The fast-paced and connected digital age and its resulting culture have made it harder than ever for parents to raise children who embrace and value self-reliance, grit, empathy, kindness, and gratitude. 

The stakes - of raising a child today - are monumental! 

The decline in these character traits among today’s youth has led to record numbers of:

■  Youth Suicide

■  Drug Abuse

■  Bullying

and much much more.

At Rich Legacy, we help high-performing families understand what makes them unique…

...and how they can work together to beat the odds stacked against both parents and children in today’s world. 

By leveraging innovative approaches parents gain a better understanding of each child’s unique perspective.

The Rich Legacy approach draws upon... 

■  Rich Legacy Founder and CEO Bradley Callow’s personal journey as a child of a high-performing family...

■  Conversations our team has had with thousands of children of high-performing families from around the world...

■  Our world-class coaching team’s professional knowledge base gained by working directly with high-performing driven parents and families.
 We believe all events should be:

Only Rich Legacy events focus on providing tools to business leaders that improve their family and work relationships simultaneously.

From uncontrollable laughter to held back tears, these eye-opening experiences have audiences from all cultures connecting on a heart level.
I hear I forget. I see I believe. I do, and I understand. Our hands-on approach ensures exercises that reinforce learning and maximize engagement.

Hosting an event is hard work. Our team provides you with everything you need to ensure coordinating a Rich Legacy event for your organization is easy and fun.

"Rich Legacy will help thousands upon thousands of children and their parents navigate the chaotic waters that come with growing up in a high-performing family in the digital age. I can only imagine the positive this will have on the world. Bravo Rich Legacy, Bravo."
~ Sam Lample MA, LPC, CEDS

"Being able to take a step back in order to improve our relationship while helping him grow into a good person
is incredibly valuable to me."

~ Dan Gaul, Digital Trends

"Rich Legacy has introduced a new way to connect with my son. I am all in...and see your ideas as the vehicle. I got to see my son's passions and enthusiasm in everything we did. SO COOL to see as a Dad!"
~ Joel Patterson, The Vested Group

“Bradley's story is one every parent should hear. He was an ideal kid and his life went astray so quickly. He showed and explain some of the important triggers to look out for with my own children.” 

~ Cameron Herold, Parent, CEO Coach and International Speaker

"My family and I were able to attend a Rich Legacy Event held at Disney World for EO last month. It was such a special time for us... Our family walked away with new friends, special memories and tangible practices to take back with us to support our family development and happiness."
~ Jessica Nunez, President of EO Dallas and Founder/President of TruePoint
   33 Day Family Service Challenge  
with Kick-Off Family Health Workshop
Exclusively for YPO members and their families.
*Can also be done as a spouse event.*
Why service and family health?

The adolescent suicide rate has quadrupled since 1950, and the highest increases are found in the affluent demographic.

As a result, YPO parents are extremely motivated to gain insight about how they can support their children as they navigate today’s world - the culture of which is dramatically different from that of their upbringing.

This comprehensive program delivers a gamified way to strengthen families and chapters that set them on the road to success and fulfillment with minimal workload placed on the YPO admin and chairs.

What to expect:

The 33-Day Family Challenge is kicked off with a two-pronged event...
✔️ a Family Health Workshop

✔️and a same day Community Service Event.

The program is typically scheduled on a weekend or school holiday within the learning calendar to allow the family to spend three to six hours together.
Family Plan Workshop
Your people know what the next 12 months at work looks like…

...but what about their families?

During this powerful half-day workshop your employees or members will connect with their families, develop family mission statements, and set family goals.

Children will also develop the desirable life skills and character traits they need to navigate life in and out of the home.

Strengthening not only individual family legacies, but your organization’s legacy as well.

Event Overview

Learn how to:

 ✔️Conduct family meetings

 ✔️Set goals as individuals and as a family

 ✔️Plan ahead

✔️ Utilize accountability partners

 ✔️Practice active listening

Gain a deeper understanding of:

 ✔️Why being a parent and a child is harder than ever.

 ✔️What can you do to ensure your family's success

 ✔️The importance of values and life skills

Couples Workshop
The societal pressures and influences parents now face are overwhelming and often deceptive. This workshop allows your organization to provide a space to honor and strengthen the most important partnership in your employees or members’ lives. Spouses will work through the obstacles of being high-performing parents in the digital age.

This workshop incorporates Rich Legacy’s five principles of family realignment, which provide a process to help resolve challenges both in and out of the family by enhancing parents awarenesses of their children’s perspectives.

Event Overview

Topics include:

  ✔️ Why being a parent and a child is harder than ever

  ✔️ What you can do to ensure your family's success
  ✔️How to pass on values and life skills to your children

  ✔️Five Principles of Family Alignment:

Connection - Reconnect and build trust by making time together more impactful

Understanding - Increase understanding and respect through improved communication

Balancing - How to balance everyone’s needs and desires to reduce conflict

Influencing - Power of influencing behavior versus making commands

Empowering - Be helpful without enabling or preventing other’s growth

Format: Questions and interactive collaboration

Rich Legacy Family Retreats
Experience the power of connection, communication, and clarity for your family. Custom family retreats for individual families and organizations.
Father-Son Retreats
This retreat is for fathers who have spent so much of their time working to provide FOR their son/s - that they didn’t get to spend as much QUALITY time WITH their son/s.
Father-Daughter Retreats
Coming soon...

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